Clicky Becomes First DNS Domain Name to Be Wrapped By ENS NameWrapper on Mainnet nftOn March 28th, 2023, the official Ethereum Name Service (ENS) NameWrapper was deployed to mainnet. The NameWrapper allows any ENS name owner to turn subdomains of their name into customized tradeable 1155 NFTs. Financeguy74.eth the ENS name, for example, could turn subdomains of it like wrappedsub.financeguy74.eth into its own NFT.

Although a standard user interface was not immediately available, several devs could not wait and opted to interact with the contract directly to test it out. The sixth domain to be wrapped, however, was not a .eth address at all, but rather a .com domain.
Readers may recall that importing a DNS domain into ENS is one ENS’ signature technological capabilities. On April 9th,, a domain imported to ENS, was wrapped by the ENS NameWrapper. The result is that not only exists as an ENS name but also as a tradeable NFT. Receives Some Upgrades, a web-browser-friendly gateway to visualize web3 .eth usernames, recently added some new features. In addition to being able to view recently acquired image-based NFTs, ENS users can now also view:

  • Their recently acquired ENS names
  • Their IPFS link (if they have an IPFS site listed in the ENS manager
  • Recently received bcards (What’s bcard?)
  • Activity feed of bpapers created by their bcard network
  • Their own most recent bpaper
  • The total number of Likes (What’s Likebutton?)

The site does not host any of the displayed data. Instead, it creates a live visual of data from the user’s activity on ethereum and polygon. Sean Murray is the creator of it.

How CryptoMondays Went Worldwide

cryptomondaysIn need of a guide through the world of Crypto? Brooklyn is a place to start. CryptoMondays once started with just a few people and now has over 20,000 community members across the country. The goal is to teach and engage people in the community about DeFi, Web3, and NFTs through live events.

Being a long-time investor in the crypto world, Lou Kerner started his own meetups on January 8, 2018 at Bagatelle in the meat packing district. Having 300 people at the first event and 350 at the following event, CryptoMondays began to flourish.

“So, the idea of mine is, I just wanted to hang out with other people who were as passionate about crypto as I was,” said Kerner.

CryptoMondays has had events in 77 cities around the world and are currently active in New York, Miami, San Francisco, London, Paris and more.

“It started off more as like a niche of people who are specifically interested in blockchain, but the tendon is expanded to institutional investments,” said Rifka Buls, Director of Business Development at the Williamsburg Hotel who also hosts CryptoMondays there. “The attendance has gone from people who are specifically connected to the blockchain crypto industry, to people from a wide variety of industries that want to also include crypto and blockchain and NFTs.”

She added, “Web3 and crypto have a fantastic community. I’ve worked in several different industries and I find the community to be extremely growth oriented and creative. They generally look for what talents another person has, like, how is that talent unique and special? And it’s just a really fantastic group of people,” said Buls.

CryptoMondays being all over the country has had success in attracting a diversity of people from many different regions, like Jonathan Alviras from the San Francisco Bay Area.

“I appreciated the CryptoMondays over in Brooklyn after being at a couple of events in Manhattan for NFT NYC, just because it was it was a bit more focused. I think people were there to engage with the speakers and actually listen to the fireside chat,” said Alviras.

Each week CryptoMondays feature different topics, different speakers, and different ideas for an engaging crypto community.