DriveWealth Goes Crypto with Most Recent Acquisitions


DriveWealth, the mobile finance management platform which prides itself on being the number one virtual brokerage infrastructure, has acquired DriveLiquidity and DriveDigital in newly unveiled plans to offer cryptocurrencies to individuals at both partner and retail investing levels. The move comes after the company completed its acquisition of Crypto Systems, a mobile trading platform exclusive to digital assets.

“This next stage of growth for DriveWealth represents an additional milestone in support of our core mission, expanding access to notional investing,” said Bob Cortright, Founder and CEO at DriveWealth.

“No other asset class translates to notional investing the way cryptocurrencies do,” Cortright continued. “Creating DriveWealth’s crypto vertical strengthens our ability to empower retail investors to enter these markets, while also equipping our partners with the end-to-end technology they need to power the investing experience as we move into the virtual asset space.”


According to a press release, DriveWealth’s acquisition of DriveLiquidity will provide DriveWealth with the capability to trade cryptocurrencies on a proprietary basis. DriveLiquidity will act as a liquidity provider in both DriveWealth and to other cryptocurrency venues. DriveWealth also launched DriveDigital as its cryptocurrency exchange platform, as part of the company’s overall game plan to start dabbling in digital assets.

DriveDigital’s platform will offer Ethereum and Bitcoin as part of its initial launch. The move will undoubtedly draw eyes from companies like Coinbase, whose fee structure has resulted in scrutiny, even making the company hint at turning into a subscription platform in a recent earnings call.

Marc Anthony, former Chief Strategy Officer at DriveWealth and now CEO of DriveDigital, spoke about the importance of digital assets entering the portfolios of traditional traders, allowing both his company and customers a chance to learn and grow simultaneously.

“Crypto is the most requested asset class from our partners and their customers – DriveDigital and DriveLiquidity will provide that capability,” said Anthony. “Expanding DriveWealth’s business model into the digital asset space will give our partners access to the crypto markets while also enabling us to scale our businesses – together.”