Nansen Announces International ‘Hubs’, Offers an In-Person Option for Remote Employees

nansen logo

Nansen, a blockchain technology analytics company, has announced it will give its employees access to three ‘hubs’ in Singapore, Lisbon and Miami. The company has been fully remote since its inception in 2020.

“Nansen is a remote-first company,” reads an announcement posted on the company’s website. “Most of our team members have never met in person, including two of our three co-founders. With Nansen Hubs we’d like to change that, making it as easy as possible for people to spend time together in real life.”

According to the post, Nansen will pay for all accommodations, flight, and office space for up to three months for any employee to live in one of these three cities. The company is encouraging employees to ‘co-locate’ with others that they have developed virtual relationships with while working remote.

“Our goal at Nansen is to become the number one workplace in crypto,” a Nansen employee wrote in a LinkedIn post. “Today, we are excited to announce that we are rolling out our first Nansen Hubs to take us a small step closer to that goal.”

The hub idea being exclusive to employees is just the start. The goal it seems is to have these hubs act as crypto meetup centers at some point in the future, all brought to you by the Nansen brand. The company plans on hosting events and offering the spaces for people who are both crypto-enthusiasts and who wish to network in-person.