Crypto-Crazed Rapper Made $20K in One Day via Crowdfunding

Rapper Pip has become a “self-taught expert” in crypto, and has begun leveraging digital assets to promote his music career

Hip-hop artist Thomas Pipolo has leveraged digital assets to promote his music while also putting some serious cash in his pocket in the process. Pipolo, who goes by Pip, has launched a crypto-crowdfund titled Cotton Candy Skies that netted him 6.8eth ($20,000) on its opening day, after launching a successful membership club-esque NFT promotion prior.

“I genuinely want to show other independent artists that it is possible to give your fans meaningful access to you and your music, and the opportunity to invest in your brand,” said Pipolo. “Through blockchain technology, it’s possible for artists of any caliber to maintain ownership rights of their work, establish a fruitful career in the music industry, and get their music heard.”

Pipolo has been a crypto-native rapper for some time. His NFT collection gives their owners exclusive backstage passes to his events, access to studio recording sessions, exclusive meetups and more. His NFTs are currently supported by

His NFT’s include tiers like the Platinum Pass, Gold Pass and the Silver Pass. Fans and investors can collect one or multiple NFT’s up until the allotted cap, allowing them to gain immediate access to an exclusive members-only platform.

These NFT ‘backstage passes’ as they’re called can give holders lifetime concert tickets, unreleased music, access to live studio sessions, merchandise, meet-ups and more. The first exclusive content includes early access to the first single of the Cotton Candy Skies EP titled MONACO, which drops March 25 to the public.

“The fans and supporters investing in these Backstage Passes are giving me and my team a chance to make our dreams come true. That’s why I’m so excited to launch our upcoming record label Cotton Candy Records on the blockchain, which will allow us to help other artists with their projects,” Pipolo said.

He continued on the outlook of his embracement of blockchain technology in music. Besides the idea of artists leveraging NFTs for representation of their music or concert ticketing, Pipolo believes that this is just the beginning. According to him, blockchain technology is going to change the way consumers interact with their favorite artists.

In his future plans, Pipolo plans to roll out the first “on chain” record company. Dubbed Cotton Candy Records, this will be one of the first record labels on the blockchain according to him. 

“This will be revolutionary in the Web3 space and in the music industry as a whole,” said Pipolo.