We’re Officially Official. Now What?

deCashed’s President Sean Murray officially announces his newest media venture in Miami last week

For the past three months, deCashed has begun covering relevant topics to a sophisticated crypto-inspired reader. Our team has been slowly creating content, graphics and logos to accompany the deCashed name. With deBanked CONNECT taking precedent over the hard launch of the website, deCashed‘s President Sean Murray officially announced the brand’s launch upon the completion of deBanked CONNECT’s preparation, in his opening remarks at the event.

The announcement came as a surprise to many of the attendees of deBanked’s Miami event. As Miami’s vibrancy attracts a younger audience, it was not surprising to see a younger deBanked reader taking an interest in digital assets. Murray even hinted at the event already having interest in sponsorships, with one legitimate sponsorship deal in the works as of now.

“Everything with the deBanked brand and business will remain the same,” said Murray. “I’ve been using and following cryptocurrency for eight years at this point. [This] will finally provide us with the journalistic runway to expand our horizons into a market we already know [with] so much untapped opportunity.”

deCashed will slowly roll out its inaugural event, taking place in the Spring.

As independent media, deCashed is still in its early days,” Murray said. “It’s live already but stay tuned. We’ve been talking about doing this for a really long time.”