ENS Hack: Use Any Web2 Domain as an ENS Domain

web2 into web3As the crypto universe buys up every .eth ENS domain name it can think of, one of the little discussed features of the ENS system is that users don’t even need a .eth address to be a part of it. Any regular old web domain name can become a valid ENS wallet address and in effect become web3. your-name-here.eth may look and sound cool as a wallet address, for example, but there’s no need to have it if you already have any already. Here’s how to do it:

1. First make sure you own the domain you want to use (.com, .org, .net, etc.) and that you have access to update the DNS records

2. Type in the full name of the domain on the ENS app.

3. If your domain name registrar doesn’t have DNSSEC enabled by default, you’ll have to enable it. Some have it enabled by default.

If you use GoDaddy, the option can be found at the very bottom of a domain’s DNS record page. GoDaddy might charge up to $35/year for this service. Once DNSSEC is activated, go to the domain name’s DNS record and click the 3 dots in the top menu of the DNS record and click “DNSSEC” from the dropdown. Click the “on” toggle for enabled and then enter your email address. Then click apply. Wait about 20 minutes for it to propagate.

4. Add a txt record to your DNS.
Host: _ens
Data: “a=0xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” [but make sure the 0xxxx is your long eth wallet address. Keep the quotation marks as well]

Wait about 20 minutes for it to propagate.

5. Go back to the ENS app and click the “Refresh” button. If the DNS record is correct and has propagated, it will tell you that it’s ready to register. Click enter and it will prompt you to pay a one-time gas fee. It could be a little expensive but it’s not something you’ll have to pay every year to keep the arrangement in place.

6. That’s it. Set up your ENS record for it like you would any .eth. Put btc, ltc, and dogecoin addresses in it so that your web2 domain can receive any of those cryptos. Have fun.

1. MetaMask picked up on this right away when converted to web3
2. and the coinbase wallet are not yet configured to translate web2 addresses into web3 addresses. It translates my .eth no problem but claims that the .com is an “invalid email, phone or address.” It’s possible that Coinbase will upgrade its system to fix this.