Introducing The First deCashed Event in New York City

Into crypto? Join deCashed’s first in-person event at The Refinery Rooftop on May 11th in New York City from 6 – 9pm. Brought to you by the same team behind deBanked, attendees will be able to connect with the crypto community for our three-hour open-bar debut.

deCashed requires a baseline of crypto knowledge to enter. The registration fee can only be paid in crypto (you choose which kind) for a dollar-equivalent price of $25. Memecoins and NFTs can be accepted. NO CASH or CREDIT CARDS.


deCashed Events

Who Are We?

We’re the same team behind deBanked, one of the oldest non-bank finance media companies in the US. deBanked inked an advertising contract in January 2015 that was priced strictly in bitcoin, making it one of the first firms to ever ink a crypto deal that had no peg to the US dollar.

We’ve produced several short docu-videos about the crypto-scene including an interview with Miami Mayor Suarez in November 2020, interviews at NYC’s Blockchain Center, and coverage of NFT NYC.

deBanked also put its own smart contract on the ethereum blockchain in 2021, giving it the ability to mint ERC-721 NFTs. It debuted its own just-for-fun NFT collection in October, viewable on OpenSea.

The deBanked team has put on twelve events since 2017: in New York, Miami, San Diego, and Toronto.

A Doxxed Founder (LinkedIn)

deCashed founder Sean Murray first turned his laptop into a node on the bitcoin network in 2014. Having enjoyed the olden days of mining with a USB stick and in-person crypto trading at the original Bitcoin Center on Broad Street in NYC, Murray saw the potential use case for non-bank payments.

Murray was also in the top 5% of contributors to the ConstitutionDAO, the Decentralized Autonomous Organization that made headlines for raising $43 million to try and buy a copy of the United States Constitution at Sotheby’s. Murray’s participation was noted in The New Yorker magazine on account of his having gone to Sotheby’s dressed as George Washington on the day of the auction.

Murray is also among the many speakers chosen to present at NFT NYC in June.

One thing that has remained consistent in Murray’s crypto journey is his lack of interest in whether or not the value of the coins go up or down. “The price has never mattered to me,” he says. “The ability to operate and move money completely independent of the banking system is what makes crypto so powerful. It’s about being de-banked and de-cashed and still being able to carry on business.”

Ready to get deCashed? REGISTER NOW for our May 11th event.

Methods of payment already accepted:

  • Eth, Eth tokens, Eth NFTs, btc, SOL, Dogecoin, Dai, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, USD Coin.
  • Coinbase & MetaMask friendly

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