Why The ENS .eth Domain Craze Has a Strong Foundation

They say it’s the rarity, simplicity, or utility behind a short ENS .eth domain that has allowed communities like the #10kclub and #999club to crop up seemingly overnight. As the mad dash to mint out 3-digit or 4-digit variations of domains played out last week, some seasoned pros in the NFT scene were bewildered by the conviction exhibited by eager buyers.

But there might be something there, a magic tweet to hang their hat on. Vitalik Buterin, internationally renowned co-founder of Ethereum, not only advertises his own ENS domain (Vitalik.eth), he talked up the value of a three & four-letter name back in 2020.

Of course, he’s also said that the domains are valuable and that ENS is useful.

In the ethereum community, that’s about as close as one could hope for as an endorsement of the value of domain ownership, and particularly for ones with minimal characters.