Your Phone Number as an ENS Domain

Can your phone number be an ENS domain? It most certainly can, and depending on the situation, probably should be. Specifically, we’re talking about literally registering your 10-digit phone number as a .eth.

For example:
Phone Number: 917-722-0808 (our events line)
ENS Domain #1: 917-722-0808.eth
ENS Domain #2: 9177220808.eth

Phone numbers are already popularly relied upon for identity. Hello, 2FA anyone? But more to the point, one of the core purposes of ENS is to consolidate long impossible-to-remember wallet strings into memorable email address style domain names. Great for crypto adoption, but perhaps still daunting for a customer trying to remember what the .eth address for a business transaction was supposed to be. Telling a customer to simply send their payment to the company phone number (like 9177220808.eth for example) ensures that if they have your phone number then they have your wallet address as well. They don’t need to remember or look up another name.

Ultimately, whether or not this makes sense is up to you. It may be good to register your phone # as an ENS even if you don’t advertise it just in case someone’s natural instinct is to send a payment to your phone # instead of whatever way you had proposed. At least this way you’ll still get it. Several years ago, the advent of Ethereum caused people to consider how everything could be “tokenized.” Well with ENS, everything can be wallet-ized. You can decide to what extreme you want to take it.