The 4th Annual NFT NYC Conference Kicked off on Tuesday

nft nycNFT NYC is being held across seven different venues in Times Square with over 14,000 attendees and over 300 sponsors. This four-day event is from June 20-23 and is discussing Non-Fungible Token topics like fashion, music, sports, brands, art, blockchains, film, and gaming. With over 1,500 speakers this event strives to bring together professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, and more to connect, network and grow their NFT ecosystem. This conference first started in 2019 with almost 500 attendees and now has guests traveling from all over the world to take part in this week’s events.

Each day of NFT NYC is divided into different sectors of topics and speakers with truly something for everyone. Topics discussed will include Why NFTs are important, CryptoKitties, and NFT Smart Contracts for Beginners. Best-selling author of The Business Blockchain, William Mougayar, will also be joining the event as a keynote speaker and moderator. Other speakers include Benny Giang Co-Founder of CryptoKitties, Richard Titus Managing Partner of Ark, and many more. Live events from the show are also being broadcast on the PlayStation Theater Times Square Billboard throughout the day.

Along with events taking place during the day there will be many after parties and dinner parties held to continue networking opportunities. Madonna, an NFT fan herself, will be closing out the show with a performance on the 23rd.