Clicky Becomes First DNS Domain Name to Be Wrapped By ENS NameWrapper on Mainnet nftOn March 28th, 2023, the official Ethereum Name Service (ENS) NameWrapper was deployed to mainnet. The NameWrapper allows any ENS name owner to turn subdomains of their name into customized tradeable 1155 NFTs. Financeguy74.eth the ENS name, for example, could turn subdomains of it like wrappedsub.financeguy74.eth into its own NFT.

Although a standard user interface was not immediately available, several devs could not wait and opted to interact with the contract directly to test it out. The sixth domain to be wrapped, however, was not a .eth address at all, but rather a .com domain.
Readers may recall that importing a DNS domain into ENS is one ENS’ signature technological capabilities. On April 9th,, a domain imported to ENS, was wrapped by the ENS NameWrapper. The result is that not only exists as an ENS name but also as a tradeable NFT.