Clicky Launches as Experimental Lending Tool for ENS Users

eth.loanCurious to see if you qualify for a loan? Can’t remember what crypto or DeFi lenders are out there? There’s a hack for that. Any owner of an Ethereum Name Service (ENS) name can simply type their name into a web browser and add .loan to the end of it. The result (for now) is a fully functioning native web page with options.


The trick to making it work is the domain name, one of nearly two dozen domain names that also act as reverse ENS names. works similar to in that the server can interpret subdomains as .eth names. From there, many things are possible (see for example!).

Currently, the tool shows two options to every visitor. Try in a browser and you’ll see both. One of them has an affiliate link attached to it. Check them out if you’d like. Right now the whole concept is more of a prototype.

If you are a DeFi lender or crypto lender that is interested in being listed on this tool, please email Sean Murray is the creator of just like