NFT.NYC is Three Months Away


New York City’s largest NFT-focused event is about three months out, as the the area’s biggest crypto show will begin some of its most intense marketing over the next two months. The show is expected to host one-thousand speakers and five-thousand attendees from over 60 countries. According to the NFT.NYC website, the amount of nations being showcased via ticket holders and speakers is up 50% from 2021’s show. 

At the 99 day mark for last year’s event, 600 attendees from 30 countries were already registered, according to the NFT.NYC website. The latest registration numbers for this year’s event claim to have 3500 attendees from 64 countries. 

We’re excited to put as many speakers on stage as possible,” said Michael Battaglia, Event Coordinator of NFT.NYC. [We’re excited] to provide a forum for the NFT community to share their ideas.”

The event has gained some serious traction since its inception in 2019. At this stage in 2019, NFT.NYC had no registrations. In 2020, the event had 9 registrations 99 days out. 

With all the big names and brands sponsoring the event, NFT.NYC has become an animal of its own on the crypto event scene. As Miami spews with blockchain gatherings, places like Austin and Los Angeles are trying to host similar events. None have branded themselves with an entire city with the amount of success NFT.NYC has. Coinbase called NFT.NYC “the Superbowl of NFTs”.

The event also tops the list in cost for both attendees and sponsors. A general admission ticket is $599 for 2022’s event, with a VIP ticket topping out at $1,400. Sponsorships for the event range from itemized sponsorships in the $2,000 range, all the way up to a $100k VIP platinum sponsorship package. According to the NFT.NYC team, they expect all of their sponsorships to completely sell out throughout the event. 

NFT.NYC will take place June 20-23 at multiple venues across Times Square. 


NFT.NYC Says They’re Expecting Almost 20% of Attendees to be Speakers

nft nycIn a recent email sent out to registered attendees, NFT.NYC said that they will be expecting almost 20% of the NFT world’s biggest event to be speakers.

On top of the seven stages at four different venues being booked for the event, New York’s biggest crypto-conference is due to turn even more heads than last year, as they claim to be dumping as much as $6 million into the event with Times Square Billboards, extensive merchandise, and food and drink options.

The company also claims that their premium sponsorships,  which cost $100k a piece, are fifty percent sold out. NFT.NYC doesn’t publicize the cap they put on sponsorships. Their expectations are that all sponsorships will be sold out my next month.

Among all of the speakers at the event, deBanked‘s Editor-in-Chief Sean Murray will be at the podium to discuss how NFTs can be integrated with commercial lending. deBanked and deCashed will both be at the event in a reporting capacity.

The event is expecting around 6,000 people, and is being held from June 20-23 in Manhattan.